Introducing Entry macro in SwiftUI

The Swift macros feature became very popular last year in the community and inside Apple. As a result, the SwiftUI framework introduced a set of macro types that helped us reduce boilerplates in our codebases. This week, we will talk about the Entry macro type.

Mastering ScrollView in SwiftUI. Scroll Phases

This year, the SwiftUI framework introduced several new scrolling APIs, allowing us to track and tune everything in a scroll view. This week, we will discuss monitoring scroll phases in SwiftUI.

Mastering ScrollView in SwiftUI. Scroll Geometry

The ScrollPosition type is all you need to programmatically read or change the scroll position. Still, it doesn’t provide enough information when a user interacts with a scroll view using gestures. SwiftUI solves this problem by introducing the new ScrollGeometry type. This week, we will learn how to use the new onScrollGeometryChange view modifier to monitor scroll geometry.

Mastering ScrollView in SwiftUI. Scroll Offset

WWDC 24 is over, and I decided to start writing posts about new features in the upcoming iteration of the SwiftUI framework. Apple continues filling gaps this year by introducing more granular control over the scroll position. This week, we will learn how to manipulate and read the scroll offset.

What is new in SwiftUI after WWDC 24

WWDC 24 is here, and we have a lot to cover. Every year, SwiftUI matures by introducing more features to catch up with UIKit. This year is no exception. Let’s dive into the new features that the SwiftUI framework introduces.

If and switch expressions in Swift

One of the silent changes in Swift 5.9 was if and switch expressions. I only saw a little about this option, but it can improve your code in many ways. This week, we will learn about if and switch expressions in Swift.

Discovering app features with TipKit. Rules.

This week, we will continue discussing how to highlight app features using the TipKit framework. TipKit provides a flexible way of customizing the condition under which tips should appear.

Discovering app features with TipKit. Basics.

When I first discovered the title TipKit, I didn’t expect that it would be super helpful for every app I built. TipKit is a new framework that allows you to highlight your app’s features easily. This week, we will learn how to use the TipKit framework to make our app content more discoverable.

Inspectors in SwiftUI

What I love most about SwiftUI is how the same code adapts to the environment and provides platform-specific solutions. This is how SwiftUI allows us to run the same code on all Apple platforms available on the market. This week, we will talk about inspectors, another API that perfectly adapts the platform it is running for.