Managing app in SwiftUI

One of the most important things that Apple did release this year was the native app and scene management for SwiftUI apps. This week we will understand how to manage our apps using App protocol without old AppDelegate. We will learn how to achieve the same set of features with App protocol.

Menus in SwiftUI

This week we got another Xcode Beta that brings menus into SwiftUI world. Menus are going to replace old action sheets that have been here since iOS 8. Action sheets don’t play well with huge screens that we have nowadays. This week we will learn how to use menus to provide secondary actions or selection options in SwiftUI.

Using MapKit with SwiftUI

This year we saw that Apple started using SwiftUI across macOS and iOS to build notification center and widgets. Another great addition was a SwiftUI integration for frameworks that Apple provides us like MapKit and AVKit. This week we will talk about Map view that SwiftUI provides us as soon as you import both MapKit and SwiftUI.

Sidebar navigation in SwiftUI

We already covered master-detail navigation in SwiftUI on my blog. But today, I want to talk about the new three-column navigation that landed this year into iOS and macOS worlds. We will learn how to build a sidebar navigation flow by using NavigationView in SwiftUI.

Mastering toolbars in SwiftUI

Toolbar API is another excellent addition to SwiftUI this year. Usually, we use toolbars to provide available actions. Did you remember the case where you have a button outside of the navigation bar or bottom bar? This week we will learn all about the new Toolbar API.

Mastering grids in SwiftUI

This week I want to talk about grids in SwiftUI. It was the most expected feature. Everybody has been waiting for UICollectionView alternative in SwiftUI, and finally, it arrived this year. SwiftUI provides us LazyVGrid and LazyHGrid views that we can use to build grid-based layouts.

New property wrappers in SwiftUI

WWDC20 brought a lot of new features into SwiftUI that I will discuss on my blog during the next weeks. Today I would like to start with the main additions to SwiftUI data flow with the brand new @StateObject, @AppStorage, @SceneStorage, and @ScaledMetric property wrappers.

What's new in SwiftUI

I have been waiting for this day for the last nine months, and it has finally arrived. We saw the next iteration of the SwiftUI framework. Apple did a great job during the last year by improving SwiftUI and moving it towards by making it a standalone way for building apps for the Apple ecosystem. Today we will take a peek at all-new SwiftUI features.

The magic of Animatable values in SwiftUI

WWDC20 is already around the corner, and we are waiting for massive changes and additions to the SwiftUI framework. It is a perfect week to wrap up the season with a post about one of the strongest sides of the SwiftUI framework, which is animation. Today we will learn how to build complex animations by using VectorArithmetic protocol.