Mastering search in SwiftUI

SwiftUI Release 3.0 brought tons of expected features that we missed in previous iterations. One of them is the ability to provide the search feature in our apps. Fortunately, we have a new searchable view modifier. This week, we will learn about the new searchable modifier and how to build a great search experience using it.

Mastering List in SwiftUI

List is the crucial view for many apps. I can’t imagine an app that doesn’t use a list view anywhere in the view hierarchy. During WWDC21, list view became even more powerful and brought us all the needed features of UITableView. This week, we will learn how to use the list view in SwiftUI and master its features.

What is new in SwiftUI after WWDC21

WWDC21 is finally here, and there are many new things in the updated version of SwiftUI. I’m happy to share with you that many items on my wishlist have finally arrived. In this post, I will try to give you a summary of the significant SwiftUI additions of this year.

Frames in SwiftUI

SwiftUI provides us a magical frame modifier that you might think is very simple and straightforward to use. But there is a lot of complicated logic under the hood. This week we will talk about fixed and flexible frames and the frame modifier to control them.

SwiftUI wishlist for WWDC21

WWDC21 is coming pretty soon, and it is a great chance to think about the new features that I want to see in SwiftUI. This wishlist contains not only the list of the features I want to use but also possible APIs. Remember that this post is the result of my imagination, and most of the code examples don’t exist at the moment.

Combining multiple Combine publishers in Swift

I’ve already covered a few essential topics from the Combine framework story. We talked about handling errors and chaining operations, but today I want to talk about running multiple operations in parallel and handing results in a single place. This week we will learn how to use zip, merge and combine operators.

Chaining publishers with Combine in Swift

The Combine framework provides you a bunch of operators to map, filter, and chain asynchronous operations. This week I want to focus on the chaining asynchronous jobs using two main operators that the Combine framework provides us. We will learn how to use flatMap and switchToLatest operators to chain asynchronous tasks in a declarative way.

Building custom Combine operators in Swift

Combine looks like a very sophisticated framework and provides you all the needed things you might need to process your data. It comes with many valuable operators like map, filter, and reduce. This week we will learn how to build new operators that we might miss from the default package.

Accessibility actions in SwiftUI

SwiftUI provides us accessible views out of the box, and usually, you don’t need to do anything to build an accessible app for your users. But there is always room for improvements and additional functionality that you can create using Accessibility API. This week we will learn how to provide custom accessibility actions for SwiftUI views.

Designing API using Combine framework

Combine framework provides a declarative Swift API for processing values over time. It allows you to chain, transform and reduce multiple operations. This week we will learn how to design our APIs using the Combine framework to leverage all the data processing power that the framework provides us.